Objectives & Activities

The objectives of the Airline Catering Association are :

  • to represent, promote, and defend the common interests of its members in particular, and of the airline catering industry in general.
  • To monitor relevant regulatory initiatives and inform its members about those.

ACA may develop or carry out, alone or in collaboration with third parties all activities related to the realization of those objectives, including:

  • Addressing legislative and regulatory issues concerning the airline catering industry
  • Identifying, studying and solving problems of public interest connected with the airlines catering industry, such as the protection of the environment, health and safety
  • Representing and promoting its members at, as well as collaborating with, the appropriate national and international organisations, institutions, agencies, groups and industries as it sees fit
  • Developing common positions that befit its members’ interests
  • Participating in and organising relevant events
  • Organising and directing committees or working groups
  • Publishing or financing studies, articles and reports as deemed necessary, as well as using any relevant media
  • Keeping the members informed about policy and legislative developments, actual or potentially relevant

The Airline Catering Association may engage in any activities aiming at attaining the objectives mentioned above, including the provision of services to its members. It cannot however, carry out activities with a profit motive or activities aiming at restricting or distorting competition.

ACA Governance

Strategic Committee

Erdmann Rauer
(Chairman) CEO
LSG Group

Robin Padgett
Chief Executive
dnata Catering

David Cotton
Flying Food Group

Xavier Rossinyol

Olivier Sadran

Alexis Frantz

Board of directors

Roland_Maurhofer (2) (2)

Roland Maurhofer
Chief Legal Officer

Mark Elly
Chief Counsel & Company Secretary
dnata Catering

Matthieu Jeandel
Vice President Strategy & Audit

Jan-Peter Ross
(Chairman) Head of Legal Corporate Affairs & Compliance
LSG Group

David Cotton
Flying Food Group


Fabio Gamba
Managing Director